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Bells and Bumps

As Blighty hold it’s breath in eager anticipation of the new Royal Baby, there otherwise sweet bumps in the wendy house. These were given a feed and water today, as they hadn’t been looked at in a few days. There are many flowers forming, suggesting fruit to be formed too. I have to say, that the purple beauty and long red marconi seem to have stalled. Perhaps they don’t like the wendy house. They were fine before they went in there; and maybe the weather has been too much for them.

It is my own fault, that not many of the pots are labelled. Will therefore be a surprise as to what actually crops. You’ll see that some of chillies and bells grow up, and others grow down. In my experience, hot chillies, grow down. I remember cayenne growing down. Yet, Nigel, has grown upwards. Jalapeños, have grown downwards.

These are by far, the largest number of chillies and bells that I have grown. Seeing each one develop and grow, is really quite interesting. The weather-the heatwave-has been a boon to them. I don’t think, that I would have had such progress otherwise. The purple rainbow chilli in the kitchen, is as happy as larry. Both fruiting and flowering.

You will see a little pumpkin. If the label is right, it is a jack be little pumpkin. Just not sure it has been fertilised. If not, then that is a disappointment.

Tomorrow, we are to have thunderstorms. Insert your own Queen lyric.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit

Chilli challenge continues

You’ll have to wander over to the FB page for what the latest look is.

But to report ongoing progress; the classroom chillies are getting on much better the those which sit in the Wendy house. On the window sills we have purple rainbow chilli, Nigel’s outdoor chilli as well as purple beauty and Spanish mammoth sweet peppers. The two sweet peppers seem to get taller with each passing day-about 9 inches high at the moment- and could get bigger. The purple rainbow chilli and Nigel’s are some what smaller; but they are all in the process of flowering. They really are remarkable compared to the ones in Wendy house, in terms of height in particular. The Wendy house residents are also in large black buckets and don’t seem to be getting any taller. Even though, at least three of the varieties have set flowers. I might take a closer look at these over the weekend, to further investigate. These are still technically under cover.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit

Chillies and bells relocation

20130604-075433 PM.jpg

I had a change of heart. Some of the chillies and bells have now been moved to the Wendy house with its wonky flap. I perhaps should have moved them before, as we are currently enjoying warm weather. There are further five pots still in the classroom; this is a combination of the middle and bottom set chillies. The top set are looking quite good, and will be moved into the Wendy in due course. There are thunderstorms forecast for next week.

A number of the plants have flower buds forming, so there could be hope yet!

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit