Chillies and bells relocation

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I had a change of heart. Some of the chillies and bells have now been moved to the Wendy house with its wonky flap. I perhaps should have moved them before, as we are currently enjoying warm weather. There are further five pots still in the classroom; this is a combination of the middle and bottom set chillies. The top set are looking quite good, and will be moved into the Wendy in due course. There are thunderstorms forecast for next week.

A number of the plants have flower buds forming, so there could be hope yet!

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit

3 thoughts on “Chillies and bells relocation”

  1. Really enjoying reading your blog and your updates on your veggies. But I am fascinated by your comments about the ‘classroom’. So you take your seedlings to school? Makes lessons a bit more interesting.

  2. Thanks, Jean.

    Most of my seedlings actually start their lives off in my classroom. Seeds are sown before or after school and then left on the windows of the north facing room. I have to shuffle the trays around to get the best heat and light.

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