Cabbages, caulis and chilies in the Classroom

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Having left them over the Whitsun holiday, the classroom brassicas were potted up. I’m very bad at pricking out and separating. There are both cabbages and cauliflowers in there, and there were hundreds of seeds over zealously sown. Many of which were quite leggy; so those that were fairly strong looking were those that were potted up.

Chillies and peppers:

Top set

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Middle set

20130603-061758 PM.jpg

Bottom set:

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Quite a varied outlook with the chillies and bells. Some, the earlier sown ones perhaps, are very strong looking. Approximately 10 cms tall, and looking leafy with a few possible flowers. The middle group, is getting there, with the bottom set still looking very diminutive. They too were left alone over the holiday, having been watered. They certainly have flourished over the holiday, with the added bonus of good weather.

The potential here, comes from the flowers that exist. These are tiny, and will be monitored over the coming weeks. Of course, there are the three in the 4TB. So this makes for an interesting experiment; the second group have exposure to the outside whereas the classroom ones don’t. These have also started to flower earlier and are exposed to more sun light.

And there is sunlight. For that we must be thankful!

The chillies and bells will be fed weekly, as the flowers and foliage develop. The tiniest of the flowers is a rather bruise coloured purple. No surprise as the chilli is purple. Nigel is also flowering, so all is very positive!

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit

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