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Superhots potting up and the poly crop

The second round of super hots also need potting up. Simply because, they had started to pick up a little pace with the sun light and being fed. Jamaican jerk and serrano have certainly got leafier and taller. The two scotch bonnets don’t seem to be enthusiastic yet.

In poly, the aubergines are just as sloth like. They are still there, and looking more like growing aubergines. Just doing it very, very slowly. There could any number of reasons. They probably don’t like the clay, it’s not hot enough, they like being divas, I don’t know.

The california sweet pepper is starting to flower. Small in stature, but flowering. Nigel seems to be okay, sat where he is. Third from the right of the door. He is a chilli and not the leader of the political part, okay?

It may well be, that some of the super hots don’t end up in the poly. I still have to also squeeze in a watermelon.The sweet crimson has all of one true leaf at the moment, and is being carefully monitored.

California wonder sweet pepper

20140313-080200 pm.jpg

Having sunk lots of hot peppers, I had neglected to sink sweet peppers. An emergency sowing was sunk on that realisation. Six seeds were sank into yogurt pots and placed upon a window sill. I didn’t put these into the heated prop as it was full. And you can tell the difference. That which comes out of the heated prop, is usually a thin wiry seedling. These have a much thicker seedling and look far more robust. These are staying in the window sill. I have added a few more bits of dirt, to help bolster the seedlings. I wouldn’t want them to keel over know. I think there is there a fourth seedling in there ready to sprout. The seed case has visibly cracked.