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#NaBloPoMo: Book Worm to Book Writer?



Apparently, the one human constraint that holds us all back, is our imagination. The only limitation to unlocking our potential. You can argue that even Einstein, used his imagination and therein expanded or shrank the universe.

So to what extent could you use it? The NaBloPoMo prompt yesterday was about whether or not you have a book in you?

Do I? Perhaps.

For the best part of ten years, I have been writing Star Trek fan fiction. The group I that I belong to, is this one  sectorg.org Based to an extent on Canon Star Trek, the kicker is that whilst the flagship’s are shiny, like all organisation’s it has screw ups. The officers that fooh-bah things up so badly, they have to be dumped somewhere, and somewhere far, far away. That’s the start of it, anyway.

If you fancy reading what the group has got up to, then have a look here. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/caledonia-bob/info You can probably dive in anywhere, and have a look at what goes on.

Back to the original question, do I have a book in me?

Think I have written several, in the time that I have been writing fan ficton. Not quite a library, but a stack of short novellas, at least. My problem has always been, that I can start with an idea, travel through arcs. Plan those arcs in detail, but then how do I get to the ending? Some arcs, have been short and sweet. The current arc that the group is involved in has been going on for an epic three years! With Star Trek on the box, there was always a constraint of a season, and arcs got lost with time. This is somewhat different with the writing. It is all, contingent on imagination. It’s the same when you are writing. I love to read, and see what the fuss is about with books. There are some that I love, would read time and time again. There is a different outloo though, when you try and construct something yourself.

I have never liked the utopian rosieness that star trek came to offer. So writing with Sectorg, does provide scope beyond that. Also, writing is definitely a process. I am by no means the same writer that I was ten years ago. I look back at what I wrote, and I squirm. Writing does involve crafting, researching, and playing with ideas. I am lucky, and rather spoiled, by the fact that I have cracking good co-writers. And when you are stuck, there are folks to story board and workshop.

There is an assortment of characters, this is star trek, you are going to have the odd, the ugly and the strange. I have stuck with one many character and added assorted bolt on additonal characters to flesh out the character’s story. And I am rather attached to the character. Her, yes, she’s a woman, her actions are somewhat beyond normality. But she is a screw up.

I do invite you to have a look around the archive. It might not be to everyone’s taste, and it for some it may not constitute epic literature. But hey, use your imagination, and you never know where you migh end up.




NaBloPoMo: Why not…I do like writing….

I have heard about the one where you attempt to write a novel over a month. Only recently, have I heard about NaBloPoMo, Not sure that I could write a novel over a month, and I already write fan fiction (I am part of Star Trek Fan Fiction RPG, you can find it at sectorg,org) Have been involved with that for nearly ten years, but have been writing that sort of fan fiction for 12 years, So you never know, I might send out a few horticultural themed star trek posts, trust me, the horticultural theme is present in star trek. I was convinced that I saw Kes and Neelix grow tomato plants in Voyager, and in DS9, there is a whole day of planting that one colony does before it is unceremoniously wiped out of existence. Even TNG does not escape, there is a botanist and an arboretum on board.

There has to be more gardening and GYO in star trek,,,,,somewhere!

Oh, I remembered something. I did mean to start a blog novella…it’s called dandelions and gerberas, so it is waiting to be written. The blog category is there, it’s just a bit empty that’s all. I think I was waiting for a burst or a boom to act as a muse. I guess that will turn up at some point then. Just watch this space.

So this NaBloPoMo business. A post a day for the month of November. That seems plausible, an outlet for things that I find interesting and want to share. I’m sure I will think of something.