NaBloPoMo: Why not…I do like writing….

I have heard about the one where you attempt to write a novel over a month. Only recently, have I heard about NaBloPoMo, Not sure that I could write a novel over a month, and I already write fan fiction (I am part of Star Trek Fan Fiction RPG, you can find it at sectorg,org) Have been involved with that for nearly ten years, but have been writing that sort of fan fiction for 12 years, So you never know, I might send out a few horticultural themed star trek posts, trust me, the horticultural theme is present in star trek. I was convinced that I saw Kes and Neelix grow tomato plants in Voyager, and in DS9, there is a whole day of planting that one colony does before it is unceremoniously wiped out of existence. Even TNG does not escape, there is a botanist and an arboretum on board.

There has to be more gardening and GYO in star trek,,,,,somewhere!

Oh, I remembered something. I did mean to start a blog novella…it’s called dandelions and gerberas, so it is waiting to be written. The blog category is there, it’s just a bit empty that’s all. I think I was waiting for a burst or a boom to act as a muse. I guess that will turn up at some point then. Just watch this space.

So this NaBloPoMo business. A post a day for the month of November. That seems plausible, an outlet for things that I find interesting and want to share. I’m sure I will think of something.

2 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo: Why not…I do like writing….”

  1. There are very few days that I don’t post, a quick look back over my blog tells me I’ve only missed 1 day in the last 2 weeks. Even as I struggle over my 50k word novel, I’ll be updating the blog most days.

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