Garlic planting: Provence Wight

It is that time of year again, where I look at overwintering allieums. That’s garlic, onions and shallots. This year, there are no over wintering onions and shallots. These crops are simply not successful enough for me. With the heavy clay, tendency to flood, these tend to be written off. However, garlic is something of a staple. It grows well, and is always used. It is sad, when we run out of home made garlic.

This year, I have taken the decision to plant garlic into raised beds. Mainly as I have more success in raised beds, in comparison to the ones in open ground. This is across varieties, and I have sown many different varieties over the years. This year, I have gone with provence wight as it has performed the best when planted previously. At this stage, I have planted about four bulbs worth. This has filled one raised bed of 2m x 1. Far fewer than I haver planted, which is a little sad. I am looking into perhaps sinking more, being more scrooge like. Plus, mama H will bend my ear about how much room I am going to dedicate to garlic. Thing is, I can sow it around the edges of raised beds, and then plant things in the middle.The allotment wouldn’t be the same without garlic being planted.

3 thoughts on “Garlic planting: Provence Wight”

  1. Congratulations on your success with garlic. I didn’t know you could grow it in the UK. I do plant some garlic here in Queensland but I don’t think I’ve cracked it yet, comes out a big meagre and it is in the ground for 6-7 months. Plant in April and harvest in October. I’ll have to do my research next season and get better results.

  2. We have cold frosts, Aunty jean, to help it split. Plant now, and then harvest June-August. Been growing it for a few years, and it varies in size. Certain varieties too are more successful.

  3. I have the same issue as you with overwintering onions but garlic is another matter!! Get as much in as you can I say 😉

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