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Rosemary re-homing

Mum has rather successfully cultivated two epic sized rosemary bushes. And they were taking over the garden path. So armed with my fork, she dug them up. We then trundled down to the plot with them. Again, she took up a gardening spade and dug two holes to plug them in.

There was a lot rosemary fragrance wafting around.

#NABLOPOMO: Herb Planting on the plot

Did try to plant and cultivate herbs once before. But the plants were small, and I didn’t take perhaps the best care of them. So we are trying again. In the last week, Ma and I have planted rosemary, silver and common Thyme, oregano, spear mint and sage. Ma did try and dissuade me from not planting silver thyme as it looked sad compared to the common one. We have both.

At home, the Rosemary seems to thrive in the clay, so that is my rationale for sinking it on the plot. I don’t particularly mind i if any of the plants spread out, even with the mint. That at least means the ground is cultivated.