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Sowing beans


Mum has been telling me for some times to sowing ‘running beans’ so that was happened today. A batch was sown previously, but as the seeds were too cold and wet; these have more or less rotted away to pulp. A fresh batch has been sown, and placed onto a warm and well lit window sill. These are

  • Cobra Climbing French beans
  • Blue Lake Climbing French Beans
  • Scarlet Emperor runner beans

I have sown all three of these previously and with fair success, so I am sowing them again this year. I think we have only just finished the last of last summers runner bean crop.

I have observed that the Climbing French Beans are far more productive then the dwarf varieties. The dwarf varieties, in my experience, get munched on by slimers. They eat the crop, before you do. I have sown these today, which means I will have to construct the supporting structures for them to grow up. In the past, I have use two types of structure. Climbing french and runner beans, have been grown up either wig wams, or criss-cross frames. The wig wams are meant to be space saving. I can see how the criss cross frames might take up more space. All being well, these will germinate, the seeds won’t get too damp and rot away.

One thing that is certain, is that once you have grown your own climbing french beans, you will see supermarket produce in a different way. Especially, when they don’t grow straight, but curly as the dwarf beans do.  They all crop abundantly, when you have the appropriate conditions for them to grow productively.

Climbing and running beans

20140426-110409 am.jpg

20140426-110537 am.jpg

These are always so damp and wet to observe. At the moment the climbing beans have germinated and seem to be okay. The runners are taking their time somewhat. I think a few have started to rot.

These were only an initial sowing. I think I will sow some more in the coming weeks anyway. Need to put up some more wig wams anyway.

Running and climbing: bean waiting y

20140410-042624 pm.jpg

Ma has made her feelings about running beans-her words, not mine-very clear. And made a request for there to be lots of running beans. For the moment, have sown nine of both scarlet emperor and enorma. In addition, there are French climbing bwans. Two experimental ones, with cobra and blue lake being sown for the first time.

We’re still waiting

20130517-065951 PM.jpg

They are still waiting, in the Wendy. A Wendy that is driving me mad, with its nearly broken flap zip. We have scarlet emperor and painted lady runners. I have sown a second batch of scarlet, along side enorma. I have to say, that one or two; enorma are failing. Alongside, we have sunflowers

20130517-070215 PM.jpg

Frauzauber, lipstick and lemon drop sat patiently. Lipstick has one single flower. Fed and watered tonight.

20130517-070354 PM.jpg

In there some where is a Sunderland kale. As well as some cauliflowers. Bits of chard and spinach in there.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit

Waiting in the wings #2

20130507-081950 PM.jpg

20130507-082009 PM.jpg

Some of the inhabitants of the classroom windowsills have made the transfer from the sills to the 4TB. The running beans as mama H calls them have come home. These are scarlet emperor and painted lady. I think there were 20 of each sown; and at least that many have come through. Prior to the weekend, these had only just entered the universe; raising their heads they were very alien like. And beyond the warm bank holiday, they have taken off quite a bit.

As well as these, sunflowers for the The big sunflower project have also come home. These too are growing strongly. I’m concerned that perhaps these may get too big and need potting on or planting out soon. I’m hoping that if they harden off nicely in the next couple of weeks, they may make a further transfer to the plot. I’ve never grown sunflowers, never mind giant ones.

Then there are the tomatos. Some rather sadly, sulky looking things that need some love. They weren’t getting very much love and affection in the classroom, or sunlight for that matter. I forget now, exactly when they were sown; but I’ve never seen tomatos so small and need of such a pep talk. I couldn’t tell you what they were either. I didn’t label them!

There is still a lot on the window sills. I made a sowing of kelevdon wonder pea and some petite pois. The ones on the plot haven’t shown up yet. The sweetcorn is an interesting specimen. I have four babies, with another four trying to germinate. The sweetcorn looks likes what the Leeks need to eventually. Fattened up and pencil thick. Will be interesting to see if that comes off.

Squashes and cucumbers are increasingly more more triffid like. Most of which are now onto their first proper leaf. There is a waiting game with these. To harden off and plant out before the end of may with the next bank holiday.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit