Not just an aloo; but a home grown aloo

At the weekend, mama h and I; furtled and dug up the potatoes. Today, I wanted to bring some home as ma is a bit worried that they would melt in the rain or something. They have, been there for a few days.

Using a make shift container-plastic bag, lined with some brown paper-I first picked out the small king eds. small, as in tiny, new potato sized things. These are too be fair. The one disappointment of main crops, in this experience.

20130918-052118 PM.jpg

That left me with this remainder:

20130918-052150 PM.jpg

At which point, I thought, how many spuds do you actually have. This may take you a while. Might have to wait til those in the bucket have been eaten.

So I then settled picking up some more ‘proper’ sized king eds.

20130918-052313 PM.jpg

Think these look reasonable enough.
And then looked at the pile again.

Am gonna need a bigger bucket.

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