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Pay the Piper, my lady: Maris Piper and Lady Balfour


If there had to be a pretty potato contest, then Maris piper or lady balfour would be worthy contenders. I have arrived at that decision, as the King Eds are ugly in comparison. King Eds look like battle weary cavaliers in comparison to today’s furtled crop. It was definitely a two man job. I started to furtle and pick out; with ma then joining me. Ma has a technique for everything, she furtles; lobs them at me. I then pick them up and stick them in the bucket.

The king eds are drawn gasps and grimaces, these drew ‘oohs’ and ‘ahs’. These were potatoes that looked familiar. Like the stuff found in supermarkets. Decent enough sized too. Not many tiny, new potato type tubers; in comparison to the king eds.

All of these were grown in horse poop. But the maris pipers and lady balfour were buried a bit deeper, I think. The king ed bed, whilst it had lots of poop, sank a lot in comparison. Also, lady balfour and maris piper, don’t seem to have had as many chunks taken out of them, compared to the King Eds.

Now all that remains is to eat them!

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit

Not just an aloo; but a home grown aloo

At the weekend, mama h and I; furtled and dug up the potatoes. Today, I wanted to bring some home as ma is a bit worried that they would melt in the rain or something. They have, been there for a few days.

Using a make shift container-plastic bag, lined with some brown paper-I first picked out the small king eds. small, as in tiny, new potato sized things. These are too be fair. The one disappointment of main crops, in this experience.

20130918-052118 PM.jpg

That left me with this remainder:

20130918-052150 PM.jpg

At which point, I thought, how many spuds do you actually have. This may take you a while. Might have to wait til those in the bucket have been eaten.

So I then settled picking up some more ‘proper’ sized king eds.

20130918-052313 PM.jpg

Think these look reasonable enough.
And then looked at the pile again.

Am gonna need a bigger bucket.