Experimental Tomatoes

selection tray


For the last couple of days, I have been surpressing the urge to sow tomato seeds. This time last year, I had sunk some very, very early ones. Daresay that is what made me do it again. Last year, the early sowing keeled over due to a cold snap. We are experiencing a cold snap right now, actually. This time last year, the plot was under a foot of snow. I wouldn’t rule out that snow coming back, to be honest. Making this sowing very precarious.

Sunk today:

  • Gardeners delight
  • moneymaker
  • marmande
  • aisla craigh
  • black cherry
  • yellow stuffer

I don’t have any window sills, sadly, to sow them on. The experimental premise comes from them being positioned in the 4TB. Sown in a modularised tray in a gravel tray, covered by a propogator lid. With fleece for insulation, and reflective foil on the base of the tier.

This could take sometime, I realise that. That this could all go pear shaped, and I should really sown them inside. Hopefully, the tomato faery is reading, and will help nurture them. I could sow a handful inside, if I get the chance. These are babies that would be going into the poly tunnel along with the chillies and super hots. If the superhots decide to germiate.

In other news, we have a few experimental chilli babies coming through.

The next urges, are probably going to involved aubergines and melons. You have been warned πŸ™‚

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