Sinking the Superhots

‘I’ll sow them in January’

It is now January. When did January get here. I’m not ready yet. I don’t even have any window sills. And no lights. Have never used grow lights.  I don’t want to have make any, don’t want to buy them. How am I going to grow these things, exactly?

I don’t have any compost.

Corner shop do.

I shall go get some compost then. I’ll walk, won’t be heavy. I’ll carry it back.

There are yoghurt pots in Dad’s shed. Go find them, a few of them might need a hole in the bottom. You won’t need many. Can’t fit that many in the propogator anyway. Look, how many are you thinking of sowing, and they all have to go in the Poly tunnel anyway. That’s if any of the seeds you sow, actually germinate. And you are only sowing, what, three? You have a very small sample. Not one of them might germinate.

Oh, go on then. Have a go.

Eight yoghurt pots, filled with multi-purpose compost. Is that cold or damp. Feels a bit of both. Hmm, don’t put any water in there, then. Fresh dirt under my fingernails.It has been too long.

All the seeds are lined up. Pops is wandering past. Takes one look at them, frowns, shakes his head then scarpers.

These are super hot chillies. They are irritating to the skin. You might want to put on some gloves. Sow each variety, one by one. Jab three holes into the dirt of each pot. Pencil. Equal distance apart. It is then really quite fiddly, putting a seed into each hole. Don’t drop them.

The varieties sunk:

  • Serrano
  • Orange Habanero
  • Chocolate Habanero
  • Dorset Naga
  • Bengle Naga
  • Fire
  • Scotch Bonnet  Yellow
  • Tobasco

Are all now sat in the heated prop; nice a warm,


In other news, there are two baby nigel seedlings sat in the window sill.

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  1. Hy….well at least you have made a start! I got out some seed packets, they are still sitting on the counter top. Great Expectations 😉 sooooon !

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