Disappointment with chillies


I have all of two chilli fruit. One jalepeno and one hot Thai. And that’s it. Nothing else had fruited, there is lots of foliage but nothing else. As the summer ends, and we enter the twilight of autumn; I am becoming disillusioned with the likelihood that anything is actually going to crop in there. Not really the success that I was hoping for in the poly tunnel.

9 thoughts on “Disappointment with chillies”

  1. It’s been so hot I’m surprised they have not fruited. We grew far too many last year… And far to hot. But I started then inside and moved them out when they got to big. Mine thrived in the sun and with some nice tomato feed. Maybe not enough Sun in the poly tunnel?

  2. My Chilli plants (2 out of the 3) have small fruit forming but as Summer is over, I will have to see whether they form properly and can be enjoyed. Good Luck!

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