Hot Yellow Sun: The chutney that worked…sorta

This year I intentionally grew yellow tomatoes. There were large yellow stuffer tomatoes, as well as smaller cherry tomatoes. There was a third plant with a citrus-y name, and the fruit were lemon shaped, but still tomatoes. I had also sown and grow orange habeneros, to join the tomatoes. Alas the habaneros didn’t come off. So we were stuck with the tomatoes, and one home grown chilli.

Compared to the red, white and green courgette and green tomato chutneys, this was a vibrant yellow chutney. The tomatoes held their form and flavour. It wasn’t quite as spiced as I would have liked, but quite sweet. I would definitely make this again, this was a highlight of the chutney and jam making experiments. I think I have the one jar left!

The chutney could definitely do with a bit more spice and flavour to it. I have found that with all of the chutney’s really. That whilst they are quite tart to begin with, on storage they do mellow. I need to figure out how to retain a burst of flavour. Plus, how to keep that flavour and not make it taste as though it was an indian dish and just curried veg.

4 thoughts on “Hot Yellow Sun: The chutney that worked…sorta”

  1. What about a bit of vinegar? That may help cut the sweetness a bit. Sounds like it still turned out ok if there is only one jar left. 🙂

  2. The vinegar is there, it’s not over bearing. it’s the balance of tomato sweetness and spices. The spices need to be a bit more bolder. At the moment, it tastes much like curried tomato.

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