Soft fruit Saturday: Jam pan play time

I am very lucky to have plot neighbours who don’t mind sharing their fruit. Rather than make ice cream; this lead to an episode of preserving.

I had frozen these in anticipation; only I didn’t fancy waiting. An equal amount of fruit and sugar were used; with a little water. With the jamming process, we ended up with a beautiful claret coloured preserve. It smelt divine! All the time though, I felt as though I was torturing ribena berries.

4 thoughts on “Soft fruit Saturday: Jam pan play time”

  1. I haven’t had currants in years. I used to live in Germany, and ate red ones over there. Sadly, I don’t think they grow well in Florida. I saw some at a local grocery for a ridiculous price, but it may be worth it to try some again. Certain flavors have a way of bringing back memories.

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