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Bumper leafy update

There is growth in the four tier blowaway. The danver carrots are starting to break through and become seedlings. Have yet to see any autumn king carrots. I have never had any success in germinating and propogating parsnips, and as you can see we have a handful of babies making an appearance. In comparison to the carrots, these have taken quite a while to come through. Not uncommon to the experiences of other people. Golden self blanching celery is also coming through. I appreciate that there are lots of seedlings in the pots. Alas, sowing them seed by seed is somewhat fiddly.

The chillies, bells and superhots are taking great strides. There is of course a variation across all of these given when they were all sown. Nigel, Pretty Purple, seranno, patio sizzle and hot thai are reasonable stout. Whereas as others, the hots and superhots, are actually quite slow growing. Early Jalapeño, Nigel, hot patio sizzle are starting to flower, which could actually be a sign of stress. All of these, are very, very thirsty. I observed that last year with the pretty purple rainbow chilli. Need a litre every other day, otherwise it would shed its leaves and flowers.


Arise of the triffids, the first batch! These are of course the aubergines. Early long failed to make it. So we have tres hative de barbentane, diamond, dancer and black beauty. Very, very leaf, and velveteen. Suggests that they are quite delicate at the moment. The aim, is to have them planted into the poly tunnel with the chillies and bells at the end of May. Prior hardening off will be required.

In other news, marketmore, femspot and crystal lemon  cucumbers are germinating both in the four tier blowaway and the window sill. Hoping to sow runner beans and sunfloo’ers at some point. There will have to be rotation amongst the wendy house and four tier blowaway.No cabbages and brassicas yet. Though we did harvest some purple sprouting broccoli.

Chockablocka chillies and bells

The classroom cache:

20130606-072734 PM.jpg

Is a Spanish pepper mammoth from Thomas Etty.

20130606-072835 PM.jpg

Purple Beauty from http://www.realseeds.co.uk/.

20130606-072910 PM.jpg

Purple rainbow Chillies from http://www.realseeds.co.uk/

20130606-072944 PM.jpg

Nigel’s outdoor chilli, saved by a grape; but can be found at http://www.realseeds.co.uk/.

20130606-073045 PM.jpg

20130606-073101 PM.jpg

The other batch, have been reported yet again. There are further assorted varieties here. Such as frauzauber, lipstick, lemon drop, sweet mini red, early jalepenos, cayenne, that I can remember at the least. I remembered that I had the Morrisons buckets in Dads shed. And since I don’t want to keep reporting. A fair few of these had roots creeping out anyway, so that was a job done today.

The Wendy house was a balmy 42 degree today, so i am hoping that this will help them.

Yours in anticipation,

Horticultural Hobbit