Dorset Naga update May 2014

20140507-081708 pm.jpg

These are my four Dorset naga babies. yes, I know there are four babies in there. The tallest, I think, had three pairs of true leaves. Making progress, but slowly.

Leaves are starting to fill out and get more waxy. Was thinking how to boost them, so I have actually watered there and the other Superhots with some tomato food.

So far, two of these are going to be a me Alfredo and montague. Might give ’em a bit of character.


20140507-074332 pm.jpg

Things are starting to sprout. This the growth for the Red duke of York, as sank by the artist in residence. Have yet to see Maris piper or king Edwards come up; but international kidney, lady Balfour and kestral are all coming through. This has meant that as we are not yet out of the frost window, these shoots have been covered over with fleece or grass cuttings.

Aubergine update

20140507-073945 pm.jpg

After watching the allotment challenge, I got a little defensive about my own little creatures. So I had to go take a look to see if they were still there.

Yes, they are slug damaged; but they are still alive! And fuzzy and green too. Currently sat beneath a duvet of fleece inside a plastic box. They are small, yes. I am wait them to get a wiggle on. The plan would be to stick them into the ground in the poly tunnel.

I know they are difficult, fickle and temperamental. Wouldn’t be nice to get something out of this experiment.

Argh allotment challenge Epi 4

Argh allotment challenge Epi 4

Aubergine, sunfloo’ers and pickles this week, what could possibly go wrong?

I watch with cynicism and trepidation this week, as there are aubergines involved. In the grow challenge, that was the subject. Only two pairs actually grew from seed, something that I found disappointing. The others used grafted plants

And a chilli plant in quarantine, I’m mean really?

Tickling with ear buds as explained by the bearded blokes was good. Nice to see that happen.

But my one point is. To get the perfect aubergine fruit; you have to actually have to get the thing to germinate, root, flourish, flower and then fruit. I have a personal empathic view here; I have yet to get any fruits at all.

Misshapen veg?!

Oh dear juniper.

Show that mutated aubergine! I really don’t get this pursuit for perfection. Your tummy doesn’t yell a Len goodman-esque ‘seven’ when it is being eaten.

It was nice to see the contestants actually speaking to each other. This is what happens on allotments.

People talk.

You know, I don’t think I have ever been so cheesed off by aubergine shenanigans such as this. In awe, of a grown Aub. But sheen level takes the biscuit. The fact that some of the aubs were less than perfect was the actual highlight. Perfect specimen, bah humbug.

We like sunflowers. They are rather cool, little drops of sunshine. But the whole topiary tree turned me off completely. All very couture and fashion faffage here. Plus I don’t believe in cosseting my floo’ers.

The use of the phrase ‘free from blemishes’ irks me a great deal. Detracts from the fact that GYO and allotmenteering is not always going to be perfect. The pursuit for such is misleading and foolhardy. And such a desire to win. That doesn’t sit well with me either.

Then came the piccalilli and pickles. I’ve never understood why anyone would want to eat piccalilli. But this was a good opportunity to use a variety of allotment produce. Of course, being a Bollywood that always resonates. And apparently women don’t like piccalilli. Erm, eh?

Not sure about pickles, peoples.

NT live: king Lear

I had high hope for this. Especially having wanted to go see at the theatre. With the prices ridiculously high, I opted for the live streaming.

I wasn’t impressed.

Managed to get to the interval, and I couldn’t get any further. I found it completely incomprehensible, with dodgy camera angles and sound that hit and miss. The cast was good, as far as the daughters went and also Adrian Scarborough as the fool. He was absolutely brilliant. The others not so much; especially as the one daughter looked as though she was impersonating Wallace Simpson.

The production really was theatric and felt as though Mendes was trying to make it stretch to the silver screen. Only it wasn’t done too well.

The text of the play is meant to be challenging anyway. You can tell, it is hard going. There is no spark, of drama. Of enthusiasm, or passion. It felt concrete and clunky. I couldn’t warm to it, or the fella playing king Lear. I know that the king is meant to be old and almost losing it. But this lovely gentleman-who really was-was really very doddery and grandad joe.

Didn’t like it. I really didn’t.