Argh allotment challenge-the finale

Argh allotment challenge-the finale

I must confess that the twitterverse had already told me the winner before I watched it. So in actually watching it, I wanted to see how this all actually ends.

For me this has been a game show. A competition. Devoid of education, it informed somewhat; but was designed primarily to entertain. If there are to factual lessons learned from this; create a documentary over the course of a year and show real allotments and real work. When the show says it has recruited them most talented, I’m not ensure that this accurate.

So this week, contestants had to grow a melon and a cob of corn. Neither of these are easy. So to use as a gameshow task was going to be iffy.

The winners never actually won a best in show for for growing. Anyone else confused by that? How does that qualify a winner?

More grafted veg too with the melon plants. One even planted out side by way of experiment. Experiment. A word not oft used in this show.

Paid particular attention to the sweetcorn as I currently have a whole batch sown awaiting germination. Not that I am coddling them though. And there is baby watermelon on the window sill. How did they get six per plant?! It saddened me that two early ripeners were thrown onto a compost pile.

Jim has scared the life outta me though. To keep saying that they are high maintenance. Nothing encouraging there then.

Kate and Eleanor tipified that not all gardening is successful, and this was realistic. That is what happens.

Dahlias, have tried these and failed repeatedly. Not sure how hanging baskets fit in with allotments either. And it is a hanging basket and not a hanging design. No idea how these contain rhythm and design. It is not a brass band.

Flower faff went on far too long.

Then came the eat. A gift basket. Three preserves and a secret. And education, with good experimentation and adventure. Something that was missing all the eat through uptil now. Proper adventure and enthusiasm. Shame as dimi and rupert got chastised for experimenting.

And this is where the winners stole the show, but only just. That double dose of delicious clinched it for them and blew the rest of out the water.

My congratulations to the winners 🙂

Tiny tobasco

20140514-094031 pm.jpg

Have had a shuffle around today; with assorted plants now at different stages.

These are two very tiny, very fragile Tabasco seedlings. Which is funnily enough, where the chillies come from apparently. Though by looking at the size of them; you wouldn’t think these would give you any chillies. I can’t guarantee that they will, they are clearly taking their time. Alas, we shall live in hope!

Sortee of squashes

20140514-081159 pm.jpg

These are growing like triffids. Perhaps not as big as plants this time last year; but still have some time yet. I am aiming to have them planted out at the bank holiday weekend. Suggesting that they will need to be hardened off soon.

Argh allotment Epi 5

Argh allotment Epi 5

Watched the opening credits, with the mentality, that this is a game show. It’s not real, has no ecological validity. The population, sample and measurement is not valid or representative.

So do we know out onions?

Onions bolt. Red ones of course just don’t bother doing anything.

So this could interesting.

Lots of name dropping as far as different varieties go. There is no such thing as a bog standard onion.

And the key indicator success. Appearance. Prettiness. And now you have tied it.

I mean really?

I raise my wonky, misshapen veg argument again. And that all bits of veg are unique.

Didn’t realise that the growers only had five months. This seems a very short window. When the allotment year is exactly that. A whole year. There could have some nod to autumn, summer and spring.

The floo’ers have gone over my head again. I can’t spell crysanths, so can’t say I’m impressed with these floral segments. Flowers do have their place; I am not negating that’d pending they are lovely. I quite like tulips, roses and gladiolus. Just not sure about bouquets and arrangements. Even more so with the analysis of the arrangement.

Jelly, not the spiced one that I expected. And no ideas what a fruit butter is. Hopes were raised by the tomato and chilli jelly. The gloopinrds was key for me though. I’d be intrigued as to how to make a jelly, that’s for certain.

Was somewhat heartened by thane’s disappointment. That things don’t always turn out right, that you have to take the rough and even rougher.

My sincerest commiserations to the bearded blokes and Jo an Avril. Two pairs who really embodied the true essence.

Squash re-sown

20140512-092504 pm.jpg

I’ve been looking at these for a few days; wondering why they weren’t growing. So I had a check today. Turns out, it’s all a bit cold and damp. The one thing that has germinated is the crimson sweet watermelon. Have rummaged in the seed box and resown. Only one or two were summer squashes. Rest were winter squashes.

On the other hand:

20140512-092654 pm.jpg

These are the first cohort. We has assorted squashes and cukes in there.

Pampering poly plants

They made it over night, under a fleece. Even had to evict two slugs that found themselves stuck in the builders sand placed around the base of the plants.

20140512-062636 pm.jpg

20140512-062646 pm.jpg

What I have done is used some broken hoops to cover them a little differently. I’m a bit worried that the aubergines here will get a bit too warm and damp; inviting more slimers. Now it is rented for ventilation.

Same has been done with the sweet peppers and Nigel.

20140512-062835 pm.jpg

Poly tunnel planting

I went this morning with the intention of planting more gladiolus. I actually ended up planting things in the poly tunnel.

20140511-015608 pm.jpg

Aunty tish has shared some sweet potatoes. So these are the very things ever to be planted in the poly tunnel.

There was also some aubergines and sweet peppers sat in a box.

20140511-015755 pm.jpg

They were looking a bit sad, but reasonably sized.

20140511-015834 pm.jpg

20140511-015844 pm.jpg

And have now been sunk directly into the ground. We have black beauty, dancer, diamond and tres hative de barbentane aubergines. As well as California wonder sweet pepper and Nigel the outdoor chilli. Have been watered in, and around the base I have put sand and the little blue pellets of doom. All of which were then covered with fleece.

There is hot patio sizzle, hot thai, and pretty purple in pots still in another transparent box. These are heavily slug damaged at the moment; and I’m going to wait til they get a bit more leafier again.