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Poorly chillies: hot scotch

20140615-083116 pm-73876555.jpg

These are some of the plants that were nearly cooked to dearth. So they need a little loving. Sat in lot of water, I am trying to revive them a little. A few of the leaves are very limp; but a few are bit more waxy and toughened looking.

The pretty purple has succumbed and ceased to exist. The two California wonder sweet peppers are also a bit ropey looking.


20140323-024216 pm.jpg

20140323-024307 pm.jpg

20140323-024324 pm.jpg

20140323-024401 pm.jpg

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20140323-024425 pm.jpg

20140323-024435 pm.jpg

20140323-024445 pm.jpg

A heaving gallery of pictures for you today. Today’s session started with mama h and I sinking corden trees. These Victoria plum, conference pear and falstaff apple had been in pots for nearly two years. However these were proving to be too small. So these are now sunk into open ground. Hopefully this will contribute to them doing better. Also tidied up the inside of the poly tunnel. It has been up to
30 degrees Celsius in there, with my glasses steaming up as I go in.

The next task was to pot up tomatoes. These were starting to become tall and gangly beyond their baby leaves. Some of their foliage is now quite frilly.

Taking a quick look at the peppers and aubergines. Had to some emergency potting up these week, with both of them as they have an accelerated growth spurt with the spring sunshine. There are quite a few aubergines, I know. Mama h quite likes them, so it will be interesting to see if they fruit. All being well, chillies and bells will be in the poly tunnel. Dorset and bengle nagas are small, but growing. Pretty purple rainbow chilli is romping ahead with its purple tinged leaves, with early jalepeno hot on its heels.

The Superhots are coming along. The challenging Jamaican jerk has made an appearance, as well as orange habanero. Hot scotch is also present. We are still waiting on yellow scotch bonnet, but I am not holding my breath for that one. The California sweet pepper isn’t doing too badly either. >

Second superhot sinking

20140309-121826 pm.jpg

I saw a fellow growers lovely Jamaican jerk peppers and had a fit of green eyed monster πŸ˜‰ well, I did plan to sow some anyway.

Have made a second sowing of orange habanero. Jamaican jerk has been sown, as well as hot scotch-red- and scotch bonnet yellow. I have placed one scotch bonnet yellow on the window sill to experiment. Housed in a food bag, this is a comparison test. Do far, scotch bonnet has failed in the heated prop as just dries out completely. With the foodbag, perhaps the moisture will be retained.